Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Hills Are Alive With a Rainbow of Color

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. There's just something about the just right snap in the air, the clarity as the summer haze lifts, and the changing colors of the leaves. Definitely, the colors. 

Arkansas has an absolutely stunning display of Fall color as the leaves begin first to fade from the normal green hues but suddenly explode into vivid technicolor brilliance. There is nothing in nature to rival the sight for pure beauty and wonder. 

Along the highways and byways of The Natural State, nature becomes the stage manager and choreographer in one, as first one, then another, and yet another of the majestic Oaks, Sweetgums, Blackgums, Dogwoods, or Sugar Maples change to a majestic kaleidoscope of reds, yellows, oranges, in all shades and intensities until finally, inevitably, the season passes and the leaves are shed for another year. 

But while they're here it's a sight to behold. 

As slowly, slowly, but much too quickly as well, the leaves begin to lose their intensity, 

Their color begins to retreat from the rainbow hues as the edges begin to dry and to brown,

Until just a few are left. 

And then no more for another season. As it has always been and so it shall be. 

But the promise is there that the leaves will return in the Spring to begin the cycle anew. 

The calendar shall begin its journey through the seasons, waiting until Fall, when the rainbow arrives once more, when the leaves announce their departure from this earth with the most glorious spectacle saved. 

Saved for the grand exit.

And the seasons turn. 

Until next time....