Monday, July 14, 2014

Because One Can Never Have Enough Hobbies...

Just in case we ever run out of things to do, Lana (my intrepid partner in crime, in life, in all things that matter) and I have taken on the project of all projects; A home renovation. And what a home. What a renovation. What a project. 

Oh yeah, it's big. Like monster big. Like 3,400 square feet of monster big as in two floors and an apartment sized basement. And all of it in need of lots of TLC.

Exhibit A - TLC needed

Exhibit B - Lots of TLC needed

Exhibit C - The TLC ER
Get the idea? 
Thought so. 

But, just in case you didn't, here's one more 
(Let's call it TLC Trauma Room 1). 

Luckily, Lana and I both bring our own distinct talents to the table, which is good because this place is in need of some talent. I do electrical stuff, hang doors, cut stumps out of the ground, fall off of ladders, you know, fun stuff. 

Lana, in addition to helping me with all of the above as well as giving a sympathetic ear while I curse, scream, wail, and commit general blasphemies while poking holes in myself with power tools, acts as the overseer of the artistic vision that will take this 115-year-old collection of boards and old school construction mayhem into a showcase of HGTV ingenuity. 

Lana, for one thing, can paint. Not only paint, but she has an instinctive eye for what colors match and which ones clash. Plus, she colors inside the lines when the situation calls for lines to be colored inside of. 

Like this.

Or this.

And this 
(which is about as inside the lines as human beings are capable of). 

She can also tell the difference between oak, cherry, pine, pine nuts, cherry pie, naugahyde, and all sorts of other exotic woods, coverings, hangings, etc., and is quite adept at knowing what socks go with which shoes (for which I rely on her endlessly). 

But, far from being useless, I, in addition to being an expert in all things involving sweat and personal injury, am quite the authority in hydration needs while working at hard labor in the absence of air conditioning when the temperature hits the upper nineties (in partnership with the humidity readings of same upper nineties, as happens quite often here in the latitudes known as the 
Tropic of Arkansas).

Hydration needs met. 

And there you have it. Our dream home in pictures. I'd post video but thus far (due to my pain induced ravings) they would hardly be considered family friendly. Besides, this is a photography blog, not a video blog. 


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  1. Oh Dale, I love this. And I love that house. Reminds me of the houses on my street when I was a child which was almost 115 years ago. Please keep us in the loop as this wonderful project progresses.