Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Castlevania (or - Per Doncha Hopni Skipni Tru Da Vudz*...a cautionary tale)

Deep in the jungle of Panama is an old, old concrete castle with an interesting history, most of which has to do with ambition meets bankruptcy or so I'm told. Started in the 1930s, materials had to be hauled through jungle trails on oxcarts, but the owner, who wanted a secluded paradise in the woods, finally ran out of money and the project was abandoned until the 1970s when his son installed a few windows and ran out of money himself. At which point the whole thing was dropped. Later, the Panamanian government stepped in and reclaimed the property as a wildlife preserve, albeit one with a really spooky focal point. 

Did I mention spooky? 

As in really...


...really spooky?

Nevertheless, Lana and I, joined by my friend Bill who happened to wander over to Panama from his digs in Costa Rica, decided to explore. No fear in us and nothing to fear at all. 

And to prove it we let Bill go first. 

As we approached, the door swung slowly open, as if beckoning us from the nether regions of a world which few visit and from which none return. 

(Yes, I made that part up. I'm sure the door has been standing wide open since 1936 and is open to this day - unless it finally rusted through and fell off - but didn't that part sound really cool?)

And we stepped inside. 

Not the first...obviously. 

Probably not even the second. 

But, we were the only ones there that day and that was good enough for us in that deserted house deep in the remote jungle. 

I did mention remote, didn't I? 

But finally it was time to leave. We said our farewells...

...and we could practically hear the spirits wishing us a fond 
"get the hell out of here and don't come back" 
as we departed...

...and made our way back through the fence that was designed (poorly, I might add) to keep folks like us out. 

Yeah, you can keep your guided tours. This is sightseeing the way it was intended to be: a felony. 

Until next time....

*If you are one of the three or four people in the whole world who happen to get the title reference, by all means let me know in the comments section. 


  1. I'm liking this glog, er blog..!! :)

    1. Blad you gike it, Bill. But seriously, thank you for the kudos. Please feel free to pass the link along on your FB page. I certainly won't mind.

  2. My cousin, Denver, from the Houston area, told me recently that a comment he tried to make on this post wasn't allowed due to his Google account not being recognized or something. I'm not sure as I really have only the barest idea of how all of this actually works. But, he said he would like to use some of the images here to model for some computer generated drawings that are his specialty. I don't know how soon I'll see the results but in all likelihood I'll post them on this blog once they are done. I think it will be pretty cool to see how that plays out. Denver is a really talented guy so I'm excited to see what he comes up with.